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Thanks Walt for helping my dad's dream come true.


"Thanks Walt  for helping to make our dad's dream trip come true."
"In honor of his 70th birthday, Dean Johnson's children (Bryn, Kier, Todd and Teryn) arranged a day of fly fishing for him with Walt Geryk as their   guide on the Deerfield River in Western Mass. "The mid-August day began unseasonably cold (50 degrees) and windy, but Walt managed to keep our attention while instructing us on the how to of fly casting in a few hours. After a hot tea and coffee break we headed off to the river. With the five of us struggling with the gusty winds, Walt made a suggestion and invited the group back for an impromptu late afternoon session when he hoped the wind and weather would be more cooperative. By 5pm the wind was down; the temperature was up; and the fish were rising. Kier Johnson caught this 13"  Rainbow Trout just a few minutes after wet wading  into the river that evening.  Walt made what could have been a bust of a day into something special and memorable for us all. We'll never forget his generosity and patience with our group of five -- four of whom had never touched a fly rod until this morning!"
Teryn Johnson Kendall
New York


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